Most, if not all, people had acne once in their lifetime.  Acne could appear in your face, chest, shoulders and back one at a time or it could invade your face in multitude.  Yet, regardless if it was one acne or numerous in numbers, it can still be very annoying.  Acne could even cause you emotional distress especially that it could leave acne scars and could make your face looks like a moon full of craters. 

What Causes Acne?

Acne are mainly cause by dead skin cells and excessive skin oil trapped in the follicles of your hair like your face, neck, back, shoulders and chest.  The amount of trapped oil and dead skin cells in your body parts with most number of oil glands will affect the number or severity of acne that will prop out your face.  This is basically the reason why you seemed to conquer and treated acne, new ones will soon invade your face giving to give you another frustration.

Even though stress could make your acne worse, it does not cause acne.  More so, the three foremost reasons why acne forms are: 

  • Too much production or secretion of skin oil or sebum
  • Bacteria that could build up in your hair follicles
  • Dead skin cells

Yet, some factors also contribute to the formation of acne like certain types of medications, your diet and of course, changes in hormones.  If your family is prone to develop acne, then you will probably have acne too. Also, greasy materials that come in direct contact of your skin and rubbing or the friction on your skin that could cause acne.      


Symptoms of Acne

Some people are lucky not to develop acne or had acne only during their puberty.  But some people might have a constant battle with acne wherein the acne won most of the time.  When you defeated a seemingly large acne in the tip of your nose, it could still leave you a scar, a not so gentle reminder that an acne was once there.  But as you fought your battle with acne with the hope of removing acne once and for all, you first need to know and understand what acne is especially that it can prop up in your face in different forms like:

  • White heads or black heads – the colloquial terms used to call this form of acne which  actually called comedones was based on how it looked like.  It is called a black head when your skin surface are open and the base of your hair follicle appear dark while if your skin surface is closed, white heads or the bumps in your skin that are flesh-colored will surely form.
  • Pimples or pustules – You will know that you have a pimple if you see a red or tender skin bumps.  The tips of pimples are white simple because pimples have puss in it.
  • Papules – it may also look like a pimple only that it does not have a white tip. 
  • Cysts – these are bigger than pimples and cysts even look like boils filled with puss.  Unlike other forms of acne, cysts can be painful and it could even leave a scar.
  • Nodules – just like cysts, nodules are big, solid and it can even be painful.


Acne Removal Treatment 

Acne does not pose any health risk, acne are not cancerous and acne are not contagious.  But just like other skin conditions, acne could lower your self-esteem especially that it could leave as many scars in your face, neck, back, shoulders and chest.  Acne could cause damage to your skin and also to your confidence thus affecting your relationship with other people.Remove acne and remove your worries.  Removing acne could bring back your confidence.

Remove acne and remove your worries.  Removing acne could bring back your confidence.


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