It’s really Amazing! to try a product that really helps me bring back my confident again… the experience of having 3 big moles on my face really bothers me, before I used to felt uneasy whenever I travel from my place to my work and so, because of the people who kept saying that I have “garapata” on my face.

Thanks to Amazing Touch products it makes me feel that I’m beautiful again



I can’t believe … but it works. I know t’was no magic. Rolly’s formula is superbly amazing my mole banished w/o pain, without blood and without trace, it’s scarless


LTO Tacloban

I‘ve had a mole on my chest as I can remember.  It always troubled me beneath my clothing. I have suffered with it for years.  I tried your method of mole removal, and after a couple of days, my mole came diminish, with no scarring or pain. A wonderful product!




I can't tell you how happy I am with your Amazing Demole cream product, here’s the scenario; I have moles, the largest and most niggling was the one on my face. I have sought advice for many years on removing them.  Most physicians do not want to remove moles not unless they are cancerous. My mole was just plain unsightly and it almost ruined my self esteem permanently. I wish I had this information 20 years ago.  Great product! I am now mole free!



A great product to have, it’s really amazing! It’s my 2 nd time purchased now and I would love to go halves my experience to my friend who go through from loosing her self confident because of her noticeably skin growths seen by her officemate.


I am totally amazed at your product! My daughter has been on her hard times with warts on her fingers that we had been trying to get rid of for couple of months ago with over the counter products, unfortunately nothing worked, worst they actually seemed to be getting bigger, After searching the internet I found your product and read about your product information, I decided to take the risk…and try the DEWART cream, and the wart on my daughters fingers?! It is as if they are disappearing...I am telling everyone about your product. THANKS.


Ms. CYNTHIA DEYRO (daughter)


I just wanted to thank you for the difference that your product has made in my life! I had flat warts growing on my face and they began to multiply and get larger in few weeks time. I found your website and read your product information and decided to take a chance, even though my family and friends were unconvinced...I had been to the dermatologist many times for this condition and his interment was not helping at all! I have been using the product for a little over weeks and nearly all the warts are gone and the few that are left are lessening and on their way out! I used to have such fine-looking skin and now, it is nearly completely back!



Wanted to drop a line and say that I was 100% fulfilled! With your product my plantar warts were quite throbbing and many different types of treatments did not work prior to using your method of wart removal. Now I don’t have to worry about sharing my story on how amazing products heal me, with my set of friends. It’s marvelous indeed!



Thanks for making my life bearable again! Earlier than, I reluctantly purchased your product and tried your method for treating my warts.  It was awkward for me to shake anyone's hand, as my work asks for it.  As to share, I had a bad case of warts, not just on my hand but other parts of my body as well.  I had tried over the counter products, and even spent a lot of money to have them treated by a dermatologist, but they just kept coming back. But with Amazing Touch Dewart cream, after two weeks of treatment, my warts dried up and fell right off!



May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on the success of your invention, the RCC Amazing Touch which is the first and the best in the history of dermatology and skin care in the Philippines, Your invention is a clear proof of Filipino ingenuity which the Filipino people could be proud of. 


LTO Tacloban

The removal of my mole in the left ear was next to miracle. It was incredible.

Mr. Rolando dela Cruz work is the best, it’s 100% guaranteed. 


LTO Quezon City

The removal of my wart at the left side of my mouth was really a miracle considering that it was




Thanks be to God first second to “Rolando dela Cruz” his works was justified by my asst. Principals and Teachers. The keyword for this wok of his “Incredible”



I love the RCC Amazing Touch Int’l Inc. that gave me an exciting experience of a better personality. I had my mole above my left side of mouth which used to render difficulty whenever I did my shaving in the morning. I always had it cut and had considerable bleeding.

Last February 1997, I met this RCC Amazing Touch and had it demoled. I left for Canada after a few days and I lost the mole while in the plane. There is no scar at all as if there is no mole at all. Now, it is so amazing and I’m recommending it to my friends and doctors I know abroad. It is so dependable, no surgery at all. It’s a miracle!



It is a painless and bloodless treatment. Congratulations on the wonderful inventions you have invented.

Now we can be proud of being a Filipino!

Congratulations again!



Chief Pilot Dist Off.

Dear Rolly,

As a surgeon, I have seen a lot of situation where simple warts and moles can become very troublesome and problematic to patients, not to mention the cost of undergoing surgery or derma procedures such as laser. Speaking from personal experience, I certainly recommend RCC’s Demole and Dewart as a substitute but a recommended treatment for the sample reason that is safe and very affordable definitely RCC’s Demole & Dewart is the most practical treatment for today! More Power!

ZAA Enterprises, Inc.

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