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A Therapeutic Modality for Viral Wart


Authors:Freddie B. Bucayan, M.D, Rolando C. dela Cruz, Inventor


Anacardium Occidentale (Linn.) Cashew Nut extract  in the treatment of verruca vulgaris, a preliminary study  , P1008 presented  in 20th World Congress of Dermatology, Paris rance


Authors: Emily Piansay-Soriano, M.D. / MediSkin Clinic , Victoria Plaza Davao City , Philippines J. Tangente, J. Abear


The Clinical Efficacy of Demole ® , A Cream Preparation from the oil of the Peicap of Cashew Nut ( Anacardium Occidentale, Linn) in the Removal of Cutaneous Nevi; A Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial



Eleonor B. Almoro, M.D. / College of Medicine University of the Philippines

William D. Torres, Ph.D. / Bureau Food and Drugs, Department of Health


The Treatment of Cutaneous Wart with Dewart®, A Cream Preparation from the Oil Extract of the Pericap of Anacardium Occidentale, Linne, Administered Topically: A Randomized, Double Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial


Authors:  Eleanor B. Almoro, M.D.,William D.Torres, Ph..


Anacardium Occidentale (Linn.) Cashew Nut Extract; DeBCC ® ) in the Treatment of Basal Cell Carinoma or Skin Cancer – Published Journal of Medicine, Acta Medica Philipina and Presented at American College of Surgeon and won Best Scientific Clinical Exhibit at New, Orleans U.S.A.


Authors:  E.Talens, MD, Orlando Ocampo, MD, FPCS,Daniel dela Paz, MDm FPCS, Horacio Estrada , MD, Porfirio Tica , MD , FPCS, Rolando C. dela Cruz , Lydia B. dela Cruz, Richard B. dela Cruz, Rommel B. dela Cruz, Lorena B. dela Cruz, and Lelalee B. dela Cruz


The Treatment of Codyloma acuminate using Degen, A cream preparation from the oil of extract of Anacardium occidentale Linne: A prospective Case Series 2006 – Presented at Malaysia Convention during Gynecology and Obstetrics


Authors:  Eleonor B. Almoro MD, Edwin Bibit MD,    University of the Philippines


Randomized Open- Controlled Trial Comparing the Efficacy, Safety and Tolerability of Liquid Trichloroacetic and Cashew Nut Extract cream in the treatment of Condyloma Acuminata Among Gynecologic Patients at a Tertiary

Hospital: A Prelimenary Study – Presented at University of the Philippines Annual clinical validation and Won 1st Place in the Event of UP-PGH OB-GYNE


Authors: Julie Ressurection, MD, Lilibeth Siasu, MD

Department of Obstetrics- University of the Philippines

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