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Skin Tags


If you see a flesh or brown-colored skin growths that are small and typically narrow at the base then you have skin tags. Skin tags are non-cancerous and pose no harm for your health but it can be painful especially when it was accidentally twisted, inflamed or even irritated. 


Skin tags can be bothersome and uncomfortable especially if you know that there is an extra flapping small skin in your neck or underarms.  Skin tags may also appear under your breast, the inside of your upper thigh or even in the creases of your groin area and it can be very small or big as a pencil eraser.   



Researches show no reasons yet for the growth of skin tags but the areas that skin tags mostly grow are your skin surfaces that you often rub and areas that are moist and warm like your underarms and groin.  So even though skin tags are not contagious or non-cancerous, it is still better to have your skin tags removed.


Skin Tags Removal & Treatment


There are several ways on how to remove skin tags like:

  • Surgical excision

  • Argon and carbon dioxide laser ablation

  • Chemical cauterization

  • Electrodesiccation and cryotherapy

  • Herbal cauterization using Deskintags


However, some skin tags removal treatment has its advantages and disadvantages.  The surgical incision could indeed remove skin tags but there is a possibility of recurrence and scarring while the argon and carbon dioxide laser ablation could also remove skin tags but there can be scarring and pigmentation.

Chemical cauterization also removes skin tags and leave minimal scarring yet the procedure can be painful while it is more painful if you go for electrocautery and cryotherapy skin tags removal treatments. 


However, herbal cauterization using natural herbal ingredients to remove skin tags will not only successfully remove unsightly skin tags but it will also leave minimal or no scarring at all.  Also, Deskintags cream uses the oil of the cashew nut as its active ingredient so the skin tags treatment is proven safe, effective and affordable.

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