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Nail Fungus


Fungus can infect your toenails and fingernails that will cause it to thicken, develop a crumbling and rough edge.  Your nails infected with fungus will discolor, painful and will emit a foul smell. Also, nails infected with fungus tend to detach from your nail bed.


Having a fungal infection could cause permanent damage to your fingernails or toenails.  Also, untreated fungal infection could lead to the development of other infections that could spread in your feet especially if you have conditions like HIV, AIDS or leukemia that lower down your immune system.  For people with diabetes, untreated fungal infection could lead to complications and other bacterial infection like cellulitis which could lead to graver medical complications.


Causes & Symptoms of Nail Fungus


The cause of nail fungus is the microscopic organism called fungi that thrives in environments that are moist and warm like your hands or feet.  While some types of fungi yield benefits, some can be harmful to your health especially that fungi can cause infections and other illnesses.  So, if the typed of fungi called dermatophytes or even yeast and molds found a suitable breeding ground in between your nails, it can spread and cause infections to your nails.   Once your nails are infected with fungi, a yellow or white-colored spot will form under the tip of the fungus- infected nails. 


Other symptoms if you have nail fungus are:

  • Ragged nails that are also brittle

  • Dull nails

  • Nails that are shapely distorted

  • Thickened nails

  • A yellowish, white or even dark color under your nails


More so, nail fungus can infect the nails in your toes more than the nails in your fingers simply because your toenails are more confined in environment that are warm, dark and moist like your shoes.  Also, wearing shoes could not properly regulate the blood circulation in your toenails so it would be harder for your immune system to fight off the fungal infection.  Your many years of exposure to fungus and your age also make you prone to fungus infection while other possible causes that could contribute to the spread of fungi are:

  • Wearing footwear like shoes and shoes that could prevent proper air and blood circulation

  • Certain medical conditions like diabetes, HIV, AIDS, Leukemia, psoriasis could weaken your immune system and prevent blood to properly circulate

  • Heavy perspiration in your hands or feet

  • Work environment that are humid and moist

  • Athlete's foot could also trigger the occurrence of fungi

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