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The small bumps that take on the color of your flesh, pink or even white, firm to touch and have even edges are called moluscum.  Moluscum or moluscum contagiosum is a viral skin disease that was first known in 1817 and the skin condition are mostly found in places with humid and warm climates.


Moluscum also mostly occur in places with crowded population thus there is the possibility of a rapid transmission of the viral infection.  With this, many people would want to have moluscum remove than taking the chances of having the small bumps spread in the other parts of their body or transfer it to another person.


Causes of Moluscum


Moluscum is a type of wart but unlike other warts commonly caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), moluscum is caused by another virus belonging to the family of Poxvirus. Although researches show that moluscum usually occur in places that are humid and warm, moluscum are also seen in people in the countries across the globe. But you panic to the seemingly rapid spread of moluscum, it is better to understand that the viral skin infection is not cancerous, it does not itch or painful.

Even though moluscum is harmless, the spread of moluscum in your body could be a flaw that would be hard to ignore especially if it is located in your face, legs and arms.  Moluscum can even occur in your belly or anywhere in your body.  So, how to remove moluscum?  Know the symptoms first and understand how it can spread to your body.


Symptoms of Moluscum  


Moluscum mostly occur in children and young adults but moluscum can also infect adults.  So, if you see small bumps with flesh-colored or take on the color of pink or white, you most probably have moluscum.  Yet since moluscum wart is a viral infection, there is a tendency that it could spread to the other parts of your body.  There is also the possibility that you may infect your family members or friends.  Just like other types of warts, moluscum can also be spread through sharing of clothes, towels, or even by touching. 


So, instead of letting moluscum sit and reside in your skin comfortably, you have the option to remove moluscum in a safe, relatively painless and effective way.     



Moluscum Removal Treatment


For children and young adults, moluscum have the tendency to go away naturally after some time.  However, some moluscum may stay in your skin and it can even spread in the other parts of your body.  So, instead of waiting for moluscum to go away naturally, you have the option to remove moluscum warts through different ways like surgically removing it curette or by using the herbal preparation DeSyringoma Cream.

When you opted to surgically remove moluscum, you might need to undergo a local anesthesia since removing it with a curette could be painful.  However, using DeSyringoma Cream is a relatively painless moluscum removal treatment option.

By using DeSyringoma Cream, you can remove moluscum in a non-surgical way on how to remove moluscum. The cream uses the oil of the cashew nut as its active ingredient that is why it is proven safe and effective.

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