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Basal Cell Carnicoma


The most common type of cancer of the skin is basal cell carcinoma or BCC.   This type of skin cancer often affects the areas of your skin exposed to the sun like your face and neck while it can also occur in the other parts of your body.  Skin cancers are just like other cancer conditions that can be treated but late detection, treatment and removal of basal cell carcinoma could put your health at risk, it could disfigure your face and worst is, it could lead to death.



Causes of Basal Cell Carcinoma


The basal cells of your body are responsible for the production of new skin cells but some elements could cause your basal cells to be sickened like the mutation in your basal cell DNA.  If the abnormalities in your basal cell DNA accumulated, it could then lead to the formation of cancerous growths like BCC.  Apart from this, other cited causes of BCC are:

  • Too much exposure to the sun

  • Too much exposure to ultraviolet rays

  • Exposure to elements that give off radiation like radiation treatments for other health case

  • Your age could also determine if you are at risk of developing basal cell carcinoma.  BCC could take many years to develop and it was the reason why skin cancer then mostly affects those who are 50 years old and above.  So, remove basal cell carcinoma before it complicates and spreads.

  • The color of your skin wherein researches show that those who have lighter skin tone are more prone to develop basal cell carcinoma as compared to those who are dark-skinned.  In fact, it is not often that people who have dark-complexioned could develop basal cell carcinoma.

  • The occurrence of skin cancer or any types of cancer can also be traced to your family history simply because cancers or other illnesses can also be genetic in nature.  If your family has a history of cancer, you have a higher risk in developing one also or if you developed basal cell carcinoma in the past, you will likely to develop BCC again.  Remove basal cell carcinoma during its early stage.

  • Your gender could also determine if you will likely develop BCC or not; researches show that men are more prone to develop the skin cancer than women.

  • Medications for people who have a low immune system can also trigger the occurrence of BCC.  In general, people who have a weak immune system are more likely exposed to different health risks like cancer.

  • High arsenic exposure could also lead to the occurrence of BCC.  Although almost all people had been exposed to arsenic one way or another simply because arsenic can be naturally found in the air, soil and groundwater.  But there are those whose occupation could expose them to high arsenic levels so it is best to refrain from exposing yourself to chemicals that could lead to the occurrence of basal cell carcinoma and remove the skin cancer on its first visible sign.


Symptoms of Basal Cell Carcinoma


The tell tale signs that you have basal cell carcinoma is when you see a flaky or waxy  skin in your face, your head or any parts of your body that are exposed to the sun like your arms and legs.  The waxy or flaky skin will have a sore that even though how many time you will try to treat it, the sore will go back.  Skin cancer also tends to bleed and it could also scab.  In a glance, the common signs of basal cell carcinoma are:

  • A bump in your skin that looks waxy or even pearly white or it can take the color of brown or black for those who have darker skin

  • Flat skin patches that are scaly, could take on the color of your skin or brown; the patches could start small but it could grow large after some time 

  • A scar-like skin that look waxy and white


Other symptoms of basal cell carcinoma are:

  •   A sore in your skin that refuses to heal even after two weeks of trying to treat it

  •   Blood vessels that are visibly seen surrounding the sore

  •   A crust in the middle of the sore

  •   A scar in your skin even without injury or there was no cause that could injure your skin


Treatment and Removal of Basal Cell Carcinoma


Some basal cell carcinomas are rare and can be aggressive.  The skin cancer will not only destroy your skin but it can also destroy the muscles around and near the BCC affected skin.  It can also affect and destroy your bones and nerves while some skin cancer can also spread to the other parts of your body.  With this, removing basal cell carcinoma is the by far your best option to protect your skin.   So, if you see an unusual growth in your skin or if you see any changes in your skin, seek professional help and have basal cell carcinoma remove.


Surgery is one of the ways to remove basal cell carcinoma yet a certain amount of skin surrounding it will be removed as well. On some cases, medical professionals find it hard to remove basal cell carcinoma especially if the skin cancer occurred in your nose or near the eyes.  With this, medical professionals would leave the skin cancer as it is and rather treat the cancer through oral medications or using other forms of cancer treatment.  But while you undergo cancer treatments to kill the cancer cells, the basal cell carcinoma could still deteriorate and disfigure your face. 


The effective way to superficially remove basal cell carcinoma and without surgery is by using a herbal preparation like DeBCC Cream.  DeBCC Cream uses the active ingredient of the oil of the cashew nut to effectively treat the surface of your skin and heal the lesion caused by the skin cancer.  Using DeBCC could stop the spread of the skin cancer and this could save your skin from further deterioration.


Also, DeBCC Cream is an innovative topical treatment that garnered many coveted wards for invention from various prestigious and well-respected organizations and associations around the world like:

  • Gold Award for DeBCC invention during the International Trade Fair IENA 2005 in Nuremburg, Germany in year 2005

  • DeBCC Cream together with the cream for the removal of warts called DeWart Cream and the cream for the removal of moles called DeMole Cream and won the highest and coveted awards on invention during the British Invention Show in United Kingdom. The creams won a Double Gold Award, a Diamond Award and the most coveted Obelisk Award as the over-all champion beating more than 1,000 entries from more than 30 countries across the globe in year 2006.

  • Best Scientific Exhibit for DeBCC Cream during the 93rd Annual Clinical Congress of the American College of Surgeons (ACS) in Louisiana, U.S.A. in year 2007.

  • Gold Medal Award from the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in year 2008.


DeBCC Cream is the first effective and proven safe topical treatment for the superficial removal of basal cell carcinoma!

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