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Keloids usually occur in places where your skin was injured and broken.  Most keloids are confined in the areas where the skin suffered an injury but there are some keloids that develop beyond the injured skin and spread in a claw-like manner.  The color of keloids may appear reddish or it may take up the color of your skin and they are also firm, hard or thick to the touch. So keloids are:

  • Growths that appear on your skin after an injury. 

  • Skin growths that are hard, thick and firm to the touch.



People who had surgery, laceration, abrasion, cryosurgery, electrocoaulation, vaccination, acne and other ways that can cause the skin to break or damaged could lead to the formation of keloids.  Some people are not likely to develop keloids but there are some that easily develops keloids even with a slightest scarring.   However, unsightly keloids also have the tendency to rise spontaneously even without any skin injury.


Keloids Removal Treatment

There are ways on how to minimize the appearance of keloids and make it bearable to see.  However, not all keloids removal treatments could successfully remove keloids without you spending too much and suffering painful procedures.  But with the use of the herbal cauterization keloidtreatment, you will wave your keloids goodbye without experiencing so much pain and without spending so much.

By removing your keloids through herbal cautery using Dekeloid cream, your keloids will be remove safety and effectively.  The keloid removal treatment is even affordable that you can bid all your unsightly keloids goodbye.

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