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Syringomas / Milias / Xanthelasma

Syringomas are tiny flesh-colored or yellowish skin outgrowth that grow in cluster or scattered in your upper cheeks or lower eyelids.  Syringomas are non-cancerous or benign but it can be annoying or irritating especially that the outgrowths could be numerous in numbers and ignoring it would be hard to do.  This could affect your confidence and it is the reason why many people opted to have their syringomas removed. 

Causes of Syringoma


Syringomas grow more on females than males.  The skin condition usually occurs after puberty but it can also grow regardless of your age and race.  However, people with certain medical conditions like Down Syndrome or people with diabetes mellitus tend to develop syringomas than other people while dark-skinned people also tend to develop eruptive syringomas in the chest and abdomen. 


Symptoms of Syringoma


Syringomas are yellowish bumps usually found in your upper cheeks or lower eyelids while syringomas could also grow in the chest and abdomen of dark-skinned people.  Its size could vary from 1to 3 millimeters and unlike warts or moles, having syringomas will feel no itching or pain. Yet, you should be wary if you see a skin outgrowth that is unusual in size and color or if you feel pain. 


Syringomas treatment and Removal         


There are different ways on how to remove syringomas like:


  • cauterization – removing syringomas using an electric needle

  • surgical excision – removing syringomas using a surgical scalpel, scissors or flexible razors

  • cryosurgery – removing syringomas by freezing using a liquid nitrogen 

  • dermabrasion – removing syringomas through rubbing and scrubbing

  • laser surgery – removing syringomas using carbon dioxide

  • DeSyringoma cream– removing syringomas using herbal preparation 


The removal of syringomas through herbal cautery using the DeSyringoma cream is safe, effective and affordable. The herbal cautery uses the active ingredient of the cashew oil that is known for its medicinal properties thus removing your syringomas safety and effectively.  Also, other syringoma removal treatment options are expensive and painful while using DeSyringoma is relatively painless and affordable.  So, use DeSyringoma to remove the yellowish bumps and bring back your self confidence.

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