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Refund Policy       


RCC Amazing Touch Warranty information:


We recommend that first time users purchase only one box. Warranty is for one box only.


We warrant that the product will perform as advertised and will reduce or remove most warts/moles or skin tags with a single application, if a user is having difficulty they should contact Customer Care immediately to discuss their options under our warranty. Failure to contact us within a reasonable time of use (30 days) will invalidate our warranty policy.


We do NOT guarantee that the product will remove all warts/moles or skin tags in a single application but approximately 90% achieve this result.


We do NOT guarantee that your warts/moles or skin tags will not grow back.


We do NOT guarantee that the product will NOT scar or cause a blemish. Whenever attempting to manipulate or change the dermis one should expect that a blemish or scar may result. In most circumstances the use of the product will result in a minor and temporary blemish that normally fades away within 90 days.


Use of other products may invalidate our warranty, please contact us before using any other product in combination with RCC Amazing Touch Products.


We will expect proof of purchase and use of the product.


We do NOT refund shipping charges.


Refunds and warranties are processed by our Customer Care Facility in Philippines


(632) – 366 7895  (hours: 9am-5pm) Monday to Friday


Please note: You must be 18 years or older to purchase and use this product. For children, adult supervision is required.


In order to receive customer support and warranty service, you must provide the serial number located at the bottom of every RCC Amazing Touch package. Merchandise with missing or altered serial numbers may be stolen or counterfeit.


To ensure that you receive proper customer support and care, please be sure to purchase from an authorized RCC Amazing Touch distributor only! To check if your RCC Amazing Touch product is genuine, please contact our customer support team.

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