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Our Story


Our company was first established in March 13, 1997 under the business name RCC Amazing Touch International, Inc. as a company that produces natural herbal cream preparations for removing warts, moles, skin tags, xanthelasma, syringoma, millia and other skin growths.


Our products are produced under the strictest and highest of standards to ensure cleanliness, effectiveness and safety for our clienteles.  With this, we gained the support of the Philippine Government through the Department of Science and Technology and became one of the official representatives of the Philippines during international expositions and exhibits for scientific inventions and innovations.


15 years after its establishment, RCC Amazing Touch International, Inc. became the leader in non-surgical treatment of warts and moles in the Philippines. Our company eventually gained the attention and recognition of medical doctors, skin care professionals and satisfied customers from all over the globe! We have proudly won numerous awards for our products in the Philippines and other countries such as Germany, Russia, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Korea, Malaysia, Japan and the United States. 

RCC Amazing Touch proudly uses the world-acclaimed inventions of Rolando C. Dela Cruz, a world-class Filipino inventor and entrepreneur. Dela Cruz stumbled upon the potency of the cashew nut extract in 1970 when he was just a young boy. One day, he accidentally ate a raw cashew nut that he picked from a tree and immediately felt a burning sensation in his mouth. The young Dela Cruz quickly rushed to his mother’s side to ask her about his swollen lips.

His mother told him to avoid eating raw cashew nuts because it produces heat. She then explained that the fruit is an indigenous herbal plant in the pacific islands and it’s very well known for its medicinal properties. Little did he know that this discovery was going to be the beginning of something amazing!

Dela Cruz worked in a barbershop during his teenage years in order to put himself through high school. One day, a patron of his came in for a haircut who then started to complain about his painful wart removal experience with cautery. Dela Cruz recalled what his mother told him about the heat producing properties of raw cashew nuts and figured that maybe he can use the extract to create a cream that can burn skin lesions while eliminating the painful and harmful effects of electrocautery.


After almost 30 years of extensive clinical research and development, Dela Cruz perfected his formula by mixing the extracts of cashew nuts together with native lime, papaya, fig, de-ionized water and talc. He managed to create a natural herbal cream preparation that leaves no scarring and is relatively painless compared to other wart treatment options.

Dela Cruz didn’t expect that his invention will open up new opportunities for himself, his family, and for thousands and thousands of people worldwide who’s looking for alternative wart treatment options. And more importantly, his inventions also brought respect and recognition for his country in the field of science.

RCC Amazing Touch aims to become the leader and producer of non-surgical treatments of warts, moles, and other skin growths by using safe, effective and affordable herbal preparations. With this, we would like to invite you to avail our multi-awarded products.

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