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Oh, it is just pimples, but wait, it looks like syringoma tumors!

Yes, most people confuse syringoma with pimples if not being observant. And though syringomas causes no alarm, the fact that it grows beneath the eyelids is uncomfortable and if you are a beauty conscious person, then the appearance of syringoma can be a freaking moment.

What are Syringomas?

Syringomas are white or yellowish colored bumps under the eyes often mistaken for pimples if not closely examined. Nonetheless, these are harmless tumors that formed on the ducts of the eye’s sweat glands resulting from an overgrowth of cells. They appear mostly beneath the eyes though they can also be formed on the face, arm pits, chest and even in the genitalia.

“Syringomas are painless, usually harmless and not even a sign of skin cancer” says, Richard B. Dela Cruz, President of RCC Amazing Touch International. “Syringomas remain on its affected areas and seldom spread like warts, thus they do not require treatment except that it is annoying” he verbalizes.

Are there medications for syringomas?

Vanity junkies may hop from beauty shops to another but chances are they won’t find over the counter treatment, nor they can formulate magic potions from online sources. Sad to say, even make up will not prevent the bumps from being noticed.

So what are the treatments for syringomas?

“Making appointments with dermatologist is a good start for those who want to get rids of syringomas. Doing self-medication, and other do it yourself procedures will only irritate the skin and causes scars, adding more damage to the problem.,” says Dela Cruz, who manages the more than twenty RCC Amazing Touch skin clinics located on leading malls nationwide.

Meanwhile, using Bichloroacetic acid (BCA) is one way to make syriogoma bumps vanish, yet the dermatologist has to precisely apply the medication in each tip of the bump and may cause burning sensation. Though statistics shows excellent results for using BCA, it leaves no discoloration nor skin holes, this type of treatment may not be available locally and off course it cost much.

Another option is electro cautery, using electric current to burn each syrigioma but vanity persons might think twice having the procedure because electro cautery often leads to skin coloration and holes.

“That’s why we developed herbal treatments for skin diseases like syriongomas because besides that its natural, it won’t lead to skin discoloration and does not invade skin tissues,” finalizes Dela Cruz.

To know more about RCC Amazing Touch treatment of syringomas and other skin disorders, visit, email, or call (02) 442-0373. Avail of FREE consultations, discounts and promos in any one of the RCC Amazing Touch with 24 branches located mostly in SM malls.

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