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Keeping a Wart Free Family

Love ones can get infected with warts and the infection can easily extend to other members of the family. But a household that know how such contagion spread will be able to protect themselves and maintain a healthier skin. This is the reason why Richard B. DelaCruz, president of the RCC Amazing Touch International talks during a recent skin ailment conference. “The best way to get rid of warts is to prevent anybody from getting infected,” he adds and further explains.

Having said that, DelaCruz also points out that the HPV or the human papilloma virus causes skin diseases. It infects the top layer of the skin and results into many types of warts that can be categorized as:

· Common warts, which infect hands and various parts of the body

· Flat warts, which looks like pin heads and invades the face, arms and legs

· Plantar warts, that grows on the soles of the feet and may cause pain

· Periungual, warts which thrives under or around toes and nails

· Filiform warts,which develops around mouth or the nose area and look like threads

How will you know when someone gets infected?

“For sure it is warts when a bump or a rough surface appears overnight, but most probably it was already there for a long time,” reveals DelaCruz when asked about the different signs of warts. He also explains that peringual warts has distinct formations of a pea or a cauliflower, while in the case of plantar warts, “you will noticed dark colored blood vessels in the affected areas of the skin,” he quips.

Treatment Options

Some warts need not to be treated, but in cases when there is pain and discomfort, there are always treatment of choice for every kind of wart, and that includes using common chemicals like salicylic acid, freezing or cryotherapy, and surgery which make use of lasers and electricity. Yet, while these treatments have the downside of producing skin discoloration and holes, it is not also easily accessible and needs a lot of financial preparation.

On the other hand, the RCC Amazing Touch International develops treatments based on organic and herbal component so that it cures naturally and is always available. And to protect everybody’s family during this holiday season, DelaCruz invites everyone to bring their love ones to the nearest RCC Amazing Touch clinics for treatment of any skin ailments.

For more information, visit, email, or call (02) 442-0373. Avail of FREE consultations, discounts and promos in any one of the RCC Amazing Touch with 24 branches located mostly in SM malls.

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